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Policies & Rules

HeatherRidge Golf Course Dress Code
This golf course dress code applies on the course and practice areas.
  • Collared shirts are required.  Mock neck and v-neck golf-type shirts are also appropriate.
  • All shirts must have sleeves. 
  • Slacks, golf khakis or walking shorts are preferred. Denim is acceptable as long as there are no holes or tears.
  • No tank tops or halter tops.
  • No gym, running or basketball shorts.
  • No metal spikes.  All players must wear golf or gym shoes.
  • All players must have their own clubs.
We realize that any Dress Code is an area subject to interpretation and it is not possible, nor necessary, to provide a detailed guide covering all situations.  General guidelines are provided above, but all individuals are encouraged to remember that at any point the HeatherRidge GC may be used by patrons for a variety of activities, both social and athletic, simultaneously.  For example, banquet/party participants, tennis players, Cabana Bar/Waterfall Lounge patrons, and golfers all potentially might be present at the facility.  Therefore, the spirit of this guidance is to support the overall image of Heatherridge GC that is expected, while encouraging continued use of the many facets of the facility and not offending any patron or resident.

It's time to tee up!